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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 1 “The Cost of Reading Comics” Show Notes


  • Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 (2:45)
  • DC Rebirth One Shot (16:30)
  • The Joker’s Real Name (24:50)
  • DC’s New Logo (30:50)

Main Topic: “The Cost of Reading Comics” (32:30)

  • Defined four different types of reader
  • Discussed costs of reading comics regularly
  • Motivating factors for subscribing and unsubscribing from series(s)

Pulls from the Long Box (1:02:00)

  • Mr. D shared THE EXTERMINATORS #1 from Vertigo (2006)
    • A story about pest control technicians and the evil bug underworld
  • Danny shared SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #5 (1991)
    • An interesting reading experience requiring the comic to be read sideways

Grizzly Shark  (1:10:00)

  • Mr. D and Danny discuss the epic shark comic, Grizzly Shark
  • Hillbillies and shark infested forests
  • Lots of laughs and tons of gore

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