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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 9 “Devil’s Due Publishing and Hack Slash” Show Notes 

Contest Winner Announced: Congratulations Pete!


  • Alan Moore retires from comic books
  • Alan Moore criticized superhero comics as unnatural escapism
  • Fox making 70’s action movie about Stan Lee’s life
  • A new Spawn film in the works, confirmed by McFarlane

Total Letdown

  • Jackboot and Ironheel #1
  • Thin #1

New and Notable Comics

  • Skybourne #1
  • Black Monday Murders #1
  • Detective Comics
  • Frostbite #1, and many more…

Devil’s Due Publishing

  • History
  • Merger with 1First Comics
  • Notable titles


  • Character background (Cassie and Vlad)
  • Hack/Slash history


  • Danny and Mr. D discuss the Halloween episode

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