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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 8 “Buying Comics Online / Modern Age of Comic Books / Giveaway!” Show Notes 


  • Ben Affleck tweeted test footage of Deathstroke
  • Rose City Comic Con in Portland

DDM Comics Giveaway

Win a free copy of

Batman Noir: The Killing Joke

Contest Has Ended.

Deadline for entries is 9/30/16

Current Reads

  • Black Hammer #2
  • Predator vs. Alien vs. Judge Dredd

Buying Comic Books Online

  • eBay
  • Midtown Comics
  • Comic Bento Box
  • Amazon

The Modern Age of Comics

  • 1986 to Current
  • Key Issues
  • First Appearances

Pull from the Long Box

  • Danny shared THE DEFENDERS #25, Marvel Comics (1975)
    • An old school team featuring the Hulk, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, etc.
      • Issue featured Son of Satan
  • Mr. D shared THE VISION #1, Marvel Comics (2016)
    • The Vision has created a family for himself, that is like himself

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