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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 7 “What We are Reading and The Bronze Age of Comic Books” Show Notes 


  • Suicide Squad is a flop at the box office
    • Fans complained about lack of Joker

Current Reads

  • Renato Jones the One Percent #1-3
  • Detective Comics #935 to current
  • Kill or Be Killed #1
  • All Star Batman #1

Rapid Fire Segment

  • Danny and Mr. D introduce a new game where they rapid fire ten comic book related questions to each other

The Bronze Age of Comics

  • 1970-1985
  • Key Issues
  • First Appearances

Recent Picks

  • Mr. D shared LADY KILLER II #1, Dark Horse (2016)
    • Jacqueline is a middle aged housewife who bludgeons old ladies to death in the bathroom
    • Kareem Abdul Jabbar (yes….that one) writes a cool comic about Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes
  • Danny also shared THE NEW SUPERMAN #1, DC Comics (2016)
    • A new Chinese Superman, Kenan Kong
    • Asian Superman, kind of an asshole

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