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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 6 “Batman: The Movie (1966) Commentary” Show Notes

BAM! POW! CRASH! Batman and the Boy Wonder once again go toe to toe with Gotham’s most dangerous villains including The Joker, The Penguin, and Catwoman in this action packed crime fighting classic filmed in 1966 and starring iconic Batman and Robin actors Adam West and Burt Ward. Danny and Mr. D excitedly sit down to another DDM Comics Movie Night to watch this classic Batman movie with YOU, so grab your Red Vines, Mountain Dew, and get ready to speed to the Batcave with Danny and Mr. D, we haven’t a moment to lose….

Sync your Netflix film to about 15 seconds in. It is right after the 20th Century Fox logo goes off the screen and the first image of the brick wall appears on the screen.

The time left clock should read 1:44:40.

The movie commentary starts at 2 minutes 30 seconds into the Podcast.

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