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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 3 “What We are Reading and The Golden Age of Comic Books” Show Notes


  • The new Justice League film will feature Steppenwolf as the villain.
  • Fathom Events extends release of The Killing Joke to an additional 300 theaters.
  • BOOM Studios is releasing an Escape from New York/Big Trouble in Little China six issue miniseries.

Books Read by Danny and Mr. D

  • Weird Detective #1
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers #2
  • Batman #2
  • 4 Kids Walk into a Bank #2

Books Read by Mr. D

  • Han Solo #1 and #2
  • Horizon #1

Books Read by Danny

  • Control #1
  • Satan’s Sodomy Baby #2

The Golden Age of Comics

  • 1938 to 1950
  • Key Issues
  • First Appearances
  • The dawn of the Superhero

Pulls from the Long Box

  • Mr. D shared ALEISTER ARCANE #1, IDW Publishing (2004)
    • Aleister Arcane is a retired Weatherman and Midnight B-Movie host
    • An excellent revenge story, an old man, done wrong, who wants vengeance
  • Danny shared SPIDERMAN , Featuring Iron Fist and Power Man
    • An epic battle with the Scorpion ensues

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