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DDM Comics Podcast Episode 2 “The Punisher” Show Notes


  • Suicide Squad receives PG-13 rating from MPAA
  • Green Arrow #1 sells 90k copies
  • The sad conclusion to the Grizzly Shark SAGA

Tom King’s Batman #1, DC Rebirth (2016)

  • No non-sense interesting, action packed Batman
  • Tom King delivers with the thrills and builds anticipation
  • Danny and Mr. D loved the book, and agreed it was a MUST READ!
  • Tom King is a PIMP

Main Topic: Character Spotlight for “The Punisher” (22:30)

  • Explained the origins of Frank Castle
  • Discussed first appearances and key issues
  • Talked about the punisher’s weapons, allies, and enemies
  • Briefly covered The Punisher in movies
  • Provided opinions on where to start for new readers to the character

Pulls from the Long Box (1:12:30)

  • Mr. D shared SWAMP THING #0 from DC Comics, The New 52 (2012)
    • Another origin story for Dr. Alec Holland as SWAMP THING
    • Fast paced, starts off with action, dives into story, and doesn’t waste a page
    • The introduction to Arcane via the first person storytelling ROCKED!
  • Danny shared THE STUFF OF LEGEND, Free Comic Book Day Version (2009)
    • 1944 a group of toys band together to rescue their young owner from the dark realm
    • Toys become life sized with weapons
      • Toys fight their way through the Boogeyman’s forces to rescue
    • Toy Story but rated R

4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1, Black Mask Studios (2016)

  • A five part caper brought to you by Black Mask Studios
  • Funny, quirky, with excellent writing and art
  • Focused around a group of kids, and their father’s mysterious ties with crime

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